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fraservalleyveg ([personal profile] fraservalleyveg) wrote2010-12-28 11:10 pm

times they are a changin'

I remember being younger than 10 and hearing people making fun of both my gay male cousin, and Billie Jean King for being different.

I remember being 12 years old and feeling noone understood me despite having an enormous sense of who and what I was.

I remember being 14 and being reprimanded by my mother for hugging her in public and making her feel insecure about her own sexuality.

I remember being 15 and wanting to be like all the "normal" girls.

I remember being 23 and figuring out it was ok to be like me, but still afraid to be me.

I remember being 25 and having lost my family to death, finally able to come out, and having noone there but my dyke self.

I remember being 30 and not being allowed to marry if I wished.

I am 38, a married dyke, and I am lucky to be in a place where I can give everything I was meant to give.